“I’ve never taken a stand on anything, until now. Today I started canvassing my neighborhood and organizing a Shaggy Dog Math book burning.”
– Lou Zaire, Los Altos Hills, CA

“Have the kids stay inside and play video games, eat donuts or annoy the cat. Whatever you do don’t let them read this book.”
– Geena Maloney, Rockport, IL

“First amendment protections don’t extend this far. Shaggy Dog Math needs 

to be banned.”
– Martin Woolry, ACLU, New York, NY

“During my 37 years working in law enforcement I’ve encountered plenty of weirdos and bad actors. The people responsible for Shaggy Dog Math are among the worst I’ve ever seen.”
– Sgt. Al Hernandez, El Reno, OK

“A new low. After a few minutes of reading I started to puke.”
– Travis Lebowitz, Denver Herald Arts & Books, Denver, CO

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