Be prepared to laugh and cringe. You might even learn some math.We're not breaking any rules because they haven't outlawed this stuff... yet. Most importantly, don't take anything you read here seriously. Life is too short.

“Shaggy Dog Math is a dumping ground for bad taste and even worse ideas.”
– Bernice Mulvaney, Chicago Free Press

“There is a long list of unpleasant things I'd rather be doing instead of reading Shaggy Dog Math.”
– Cleetus Beauvay, Baton Rouge Journal Examiner

“First amendment protections don’t extend this far. Shaggy Dog Math needs  to be banned.”
– Martin Woolry, ACLU, New York, NY

“During my 37 years working in law enforcement I’ve encountered plenty of weirdos and bad actors. The people responsible for Shaggy Dog Math are among the worst I’ve ever seen.”
– Sgt. Al Hernandez, El Reno, OK

“The Shaggy Dog Math collective values teamwork and that helps when we need to spread the blame around.”
– Rachael Bernstein, Assistant Editor, Shaggy Dog Math

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